CCED: Codes

Certainty Codes
1As reliable evidence as we can obtain that an event occurred.
1BReliable but chronologically removed record of event occuring.
2Evidence that make it extremely likely that the event occurred, although there are cases where we know it did not.
3Evidence that the event was expected to occur, but where it was still possible for another bishop to veto the application.
4Evidence that the person concerned sought to be ordained, with or without success.
5Indirect evidence that the event either had occurred or was believed to have occurred by contemporaries.
Date Codes
1Gives actual date of event.
1BGives actual date, but with additional opportunity for scribal error.
2Provides a date that might be the actual date, but could be a few days before or after.
3Provides a date likely to be some time before or after the event occurred.
4Will provide date(s) of a period covering quite a long time before or after the event.
5Give no assistance in determining the date of the event other than that it was before or after the date given.