Browse Persons

By selecting ‘Browse Persons’, you will be able to browse a list of all individuals for whom a Career Narrative or Person Record exists in the Database. You may choose to limit your search by initial letter of the surname, date, diocese or any combination of the three. To limit the search to those whose surnames begin with a particular letter, select a letter from the alphabet labelled ‘Surname begins with’ in the top left of the screen corresponding to the first letter of the surnames that you wish to browse. To limit further the number of names displayed, before selecting the initial letter select either or both a date range and a diocese. To select a particular date range, use the ‘Date range’ boxes to the right of the surname initials; to select a diocese to limit your search to individuals who have left records associated with a particular diocese whose records have been mounted in the Database, select one from the drop-down menu. Once you have made a selection a list will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen, giving the names of all individuals whose surname begins with the selected letter and, if you have chosen to restrict the period or region covered by the search, with records created within the date range specified, and associated with any diocese requested. Please note that once you have begun searching, the alphabet will only display initial letter available with the range of criteria selected. Returning the date range indicators and region to the ‘——’ default option will restore the full list.

Selecting a name will bring up the Career Narrative associated with that name in the CCEd, or, in cases where for some reason a Career Narrative is not available, a list of all evidence records relating to that individual under the heading ‘Evidence’. For details on how to interpret the Career Narrative see Interpreting Career Narratives. For details on how to interpret a set of personified evidence records see CCEd Personifications. At any point, you can select another name or group of names by using the alphabetical list on the left-hand side of the screen, or the ‘Surname begins with’ alphabet at the top of the screen.

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