CCEd Personifications

If you click on ‘View Person Record’ when viewing a ‘Career Narrative’ screen, or click on a name in the Person Index for which no Career Narrative is available, you will be taken to a CCEd Personification Record for that individual. The Personification Record is a summary list of all entries in the Database relating to that individual under the heading ‘Evidence’. The full details for any particular entry can then be viewed by clicking on the text icon in the ‘View’ column on the right-hand side of the summary entry. The full details will then appear in a pop-up Record Window. It is possible to scroll up and down in the Personification and Record Windows. The records in the ‘Evidence’ table may also be resorted using the tabs at the top of each column. At any point either the ‘Evidence’ or ‘Comment’ elements of the Personification can be hidden or revealed using the buttons next to the heading. Please note in the top right-hand of the Personification the unique CCEd ID number which permits you to identify a specific individual among the many entries sharing the same name or similar date ranges. If you are aware of a specific Person Record you wish to consult and have the CCEd ID number, this can be entered in the box at the top right of the Person Window.