Using the CCE Website: Browser and Computer Requirements

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The CCE database is a highly complex web-based resource and as such it is more demanding of your computer and web browser than most websites.

Display Settings

Because of the amount of data displayed onscreen at one time, we recommend that you view the website using a screen set to display a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels. If you are using a reasonably new desktop computer with a 15” or larger screen then you can probably run at this resolution, although you may only find it comfortable on a 17” or larger screen. For best results, we recommend the use of a 19” or larger screen set to a resolution of 1280 x 1024.

Any laptop less than 3 years old should be able to run its screen at a screen resolution of around 1024 x 768.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of screen resolution or are unsure how to alter your computer’s display settings, refer to the documentation supplied with your computer, or to your computer’s help system.

Web Browsers

Generally speaking, you will find it best to view the CCE website using a fairly new web browser, no more than a couple of years old. The following is a list of recommended browsers for users of Windows-based and Apple Macintosh computers.

If your browser is not one of those in the list below, the website may work unpredictably.

Microsoft Windows

For best results please use one of the following browsers, which are listed in order of preference:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox, all versions
  • Opera 7 and above
  • Netscape Navigator 7 and above *

* Note that users of Netscape 8 can use either Internet Explorer or Firefox mode with equally good results.

The following browsers are not recommended:

  • Opera, any version earlier to 7
  • Internet Explorer, any version earlier than 6
  • Netscape Navigator, any version earlier than 7

Apple Macintosh

For best results please use one of the following browsers, which are listed in order of preference:

  • Apple Safari, all versions
  • Mozilla Firefox, all versions
  • Opera 7 or above

The following browsers are not currently recommended:

  • Mozilla Camino, all versions
  • Internet Explorer 5.1 (OS9, ‘Classic’) / 5.2 (OSX)


Linux is not fully supported as an operating system for the Clergy of the Church of England Database. However, Firefox under Linux should provide good functionality. Konqueror should not be used.