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Cambridge University Library

EDR G/1/7, fos. 120v–189r General register 1540–54

Register of Bishops West and Goodrich.

EDR G/1/8 General register 1540–1601

Register of Bishops Goodrich, Thirlby and Cox.Also includes vacancy and one act of Bishop Heton.

EDR MS Mm 1.39, pp. 128–47 Register 1609–19

Register of Bishop Andrewes.

EDR G/1/9 General register

Register of Bishop Heton.

EDR G/1/10 General register 1707–21
EDR G/1/11 General register 1702–35
EDR G/1/12 General register 1735–55
EDR G/1/13 General register 1755–70
EDR G/1/14 General register 1771–87
  • To be uploaded.
EDR G/1/15 General register 1787–1811
  • To be uploaded.
EDR G/1/16 General register 1811–31
EDR G/1/17 General register 1831–48
  • Extracted to 31 Dec. 1835.
EDR G/2/18 Register of licences 1563–83
EDR G/2/19 Register of licences 1583–1600
EDR G/2/20 Register of licences 1592–1611
EDR G/2/21 Register of licences 1611–1620
EDR G/2/22 General licence book 1660–95

General licence book for the period 22 Dec. 1660 – 30 Sept. 1667, from which curates have been extracted.Extracted institutions for 1689 on fos. 114–13.

EDR G/3/1 Curates’ Licences 1814–30
EDR G/3/2 Curates’ Licences 1830–7
  • Extracted to 31 Dec. 1835.
EDR A/5/2 Subscription book 1662–72
EDR A/5/3a Subscription book 1662–91
EDR A/5/3 Subscription book 1674–1706
EDR A/5/4 Subscription book 1675–1706

Extracted subscriptions of Godfrey Washington, John Perkin, Dormer Dawes and Richard Warren on 28–30 Sept 1706 (fos. 136–7).

EDR A/5/5 Subscription book 1706–21

Extracted list of licences granted in 1707–11 on fo. 111r-v.

EDR A/5/6 Subscription book 1706–22
EDR B/2/1 Liber cleri, 1540, 1551, 1557


EDR B/2/2 Liber cleri, visitation of the archdeaconry of Ely, 1551
EDR B/2/32 Liber cleri, episcopal visitation, 1625
EDR B/2/47a Liber cleri, episcopal visitation, 1635
EDR B/2/58 Liber cleri 1665, 1668


EDR B/2/67 Liber cleri, 1668?, 1671–82


EDR B/2/72 Liber cleri, episcopal visitation, 1672
EDR B/2/57 Liber cleri, archidiaconal visitation, 1662/3–1667


MS Add. 2953 Bentham’s Notitia Ecclesiae Eliensis

Contains extracts of episcopal registers. Extracted: Wren (fos. 72r–104), Laney (fos. 104–6), Gunning (fos. 107–11v), Turner (fos. 111v–112v), and Patrick (fos. 112v–114).

EDR A/6/8 William Balam’s miscellaneous book

Extracted list of curates and schoolmasters unlicensed in 1686 (p. 32).

The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office), London

PRO, E179/23 Clerical subsidy returns, c. 1557–92

Extracted nos 96, 99, 101–2, 104A, 105–6, 107b, 109, 110A, 115–16, 121.

PRO, E331/ELY/9–17 Returns of institutions to the Office of First Fruits and Tenths, diocese of Ely, 1660–1705

The British Library, London

Harleian MS 7043, pp. 9–14 Extracts from the register of Bishop Wren

Bodleian Library, Oxford

MS Rawl. d. 340 Subscription book 1667–81

Printed sources

Canterbury Sede Vacante Kent Records. Calendar of Institutions by the Chapter of Canterbury sede vacante, ed. C. E. Woodruff and I. J. Churchill (1924), pp. 7, 15–16, 24, 29, 40, 44, 50–1, 59, 74, 95, 97, 99, 129, 131, 134–5.