List of parishes in England and Wales arranged under the jurisdiction of their bishops

This page provides links to lists of all parishes under the jurisdiction of their respective bishops. Thus, it includes all the parishes in a bishop’s diocese, except for those in the peculiar jurisdiction of another ordinary, and also that bishop’s peculiars in other dioceses. Please select the jurisdiction that you wish to view from the list below.

Parish lists for the Welsh dioceses have yet to be compiled.

Bangor (1540–1835)
Bath and Wells (1540–1835)
Bristol (1542–1835)
Canterbury (1540–1835)
Carlisle (1540–1835)
Chester (1541–1835)
Chichester (1540–1835)
Coventry and Lichfield see Lichfield and Coventry
Durham (1540–1835)
Ely (1540–1835)
Exeter (1540–1835)
Gloucester (1541–1835)
Hereford (1540–1835)
Lichfield and Coventry (1540–1835)
Lincoln (1540–1835)
Llandaff (1540–1835)
London (1540–1835)
Norwich (1540–1835)
Oxford (1542–1835)
Peterborough (1541–1835)
Rochester (1540–1835)
St Asaph (1540–1835)
St David’s (1540–1835)
Salisbury (1540–1835)
Sodor and Man (1540–1835)
Westminster (1540–1550)
Winchester (1540–1835)
Worcester (1540–1835)
York (1540–1835)