Selection of sources used in the Database

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Details of all the sources used by CCEd can be found at Bibliography of sources used in the Database.

Selection of sources in CCEd

In due course this page will contain an essay describing the general principles for the selection of sources used in the CCEd. It will also provide links to essays discussing the character of the various types of source utilised in the Database.

Description of sources used for each diocese

An essay on the sources used by CCEd in each diocese, the principles of selection, and the coverage provided of the events covered by the Database can be viewed by selecting the chosen diocese from the list below.

At present materials are only available for those dioceses highlighted.

Bangor (1540–1835)
Bath and Wells (1540–1835)
Bristol (1542–1835)
Canterbury (1540–1835)
Carlisle (1540–1835)
Chester (1541–1835)
Chichester (1540–1835)
Coventry and Lichfield see Lichfield and Coventry
Durham (1540–1835)
Ely (1540–1835)
Exeter (1540–1835)
Gloucester (1541–1835)
Hereford (1540–1835)
Lichfield and Coventry (1540–1835)
Lincoln (1540–1835)
Llandaff (1540–1835)
London (1540–1835)
Norwich (1540–1835)
Oxford (1542–1835)
Peterborough (1541–1835)
Rochester (1540–1835)
St Asaph (1540–1835)
St David’s (1540–1835)
Salisbury (1540–1835)
Sodor and Man (1540–1835)
Westminster (1540–1550)
Winchester (1540–1835)
Worcester (1540–1835)
York (1540–1835)