CCED Updated!

We are pleased to annouce a significant update to the public database. Newly available are all the records from the diocese of Llandaff after 1660, linked to person and place and checked. This was done using the card index compiled by Dr John Guy which he very kindly provided to the team – it was an invaluable aid reflecting much additional research in local archives which was vital in helping sort out the many clergy with similar names (and almost all of whom attended Jesus College Oxford!). In a very small number of cases we have differed from Guy in assigning records, reflecting the particular configuration of records in our sources which allows more confident assignment to others.

At the same time the checking of all modern Lincoln records has been completed, with many new assignments now possible. Linking of Hereford has been completed, and a start made on some of the Peterborough records from the middle years of the database.

FInally many corrections or identifications made for us by our users both to places and persons have been incorporated.

At the moment checking is continuing on the modern Norwich records.