Rochester Bibliography

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Asterisked works are those with a wider remit which none the less have important material on the development of this particular diocese

  • Baker, L. A. J. (1961), A List of the Places of Worship in the Boroughs of Deptford, Greenwich, Lewisham and Woolwich under each of which is listed the books or pamphlets dealing with the history of the Church and its Ministers (Greenwich and Lewisham Antiquarian Society).
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  • Diocese of Rochester, in Church of England Archives: Pilgrim trustees’ report (), BL shelfmark C120 h 8 (3).
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  • Shindler, T. (1892), The Registers of the Cathedral Church of Rochester (165–-1837). With lists of Prebendaries, Headmasters of the Grammar School, Minor Canons and Organists, and such of the Inscriptions in the Cathedral and Churchyard as are not included in Thorpe’s Registrum Roffense (Canterbury, 1892).
  • Thorpe, J. (1769), Registrum Roffense: or, a Collection of Antient Records, Charters, And Instruments of Divers Kinds, necessary for illustrating the Ecclesiastical History and Antiquities of the Diocese and Cathedral Church of Rochester. Transcribed from the Originals by John Thorpe, MD FRS and Published by his Son John Thorpe Esq, AM FSA together with the Monumental Inscriptions in the Several Churches and Chapels within the Diocese (London: W & J Richardson).
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