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2015 news from the Clergy Database

The Clergy Database team would like to wish all our users a happy new year and all the best for their researches in 2015!

We are pleased to be able to announce that another important update of the Database is about to occur, with thousands of new records becoming available in linked form. One of the most important features is the completion of linkage on all our post-1760 records for the diocese of London, a major landmark in the history of the project, involving the identification of many tricky locations (including a chapel afloat on the Thames). More progress has also been made on the many colonial and foreign records contained in the London archives, and we are beginning work on records relating to naval chaplains from the same source.

Other important additions will include: completion of linkage on the more modern records of the diocese of Gloucester; the linkage to place of post-1760 Chester records (where we have finally been able to rekey a seminal source which had become corrupted; linkage to person is now underway for these 12,000 records).

Arthur Burns